Photography is not only my heritage but also my passion! It is my number one talent perfected through years of practice, training, and observation. Peterborough Photo was established by my Grandfather over 53 years ago. My Dad, Doug is the current owner and together we operate a thriving retail and studio buisness.

My love for photography really kicked off when my Dad gave me my first digital SLR. When I picked up that camera and began capturing images it became a form of addiction which only grew stronger. Although photography is my chosen profession, most importantly it is my hobby. In my spare time you will find me at home snapping candid photo’s of  my wife Miranda and our son Jaxton or anything in my field of view. When you love to do something then you have fun doing it.This is what is important to me.

Although I have the technical skills and the best equipment these are not the attributes which make my photo’s spectacular. It is my ability to see something ordinary and make it extraordinary. A photograph means many different things. This may be as simple as what you first notice about a picture. Perhaps the color, do we feel happiness, puzzlement, do we recognize something of importance, is it abstract or do we pause and find ourselves reflecting on something.

I would like to share my passion of photography with you. I love challenges and finding something new and exciting to do. My aim is for every photo shoot to be fun and entertaining. My style has been described as edgy, dramatic, and with a flare for fashion.